Jaguar XJ-S Group 44

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Towards the end of 1976 american team Group 44 switched to an XJS ( from E-type ) and won a Sports Car Club of America race at Lime Rock. The engine in this car produced 475 PS aided by no less than six Webers and dry sump lubrication.

In 1977 Group 44 entered the Trans Am Championship and won five out of ten Category One races, beating Porsches and Chevrolet Covettes in the process, with the V12 now developing 536 PS. These wins plus a second a third gave Tullius nad Group 44 the Category One championship. The following year was similarly succesfull, with Tullius and Group 44 taking the driver’s and manufacturer’s titles.

1977 Technical Specification

Jaguar V12
Capacity: 5343cc
Cylinders: V12 at 60 deg, two valves per cylinder, water cooled
Power: 536 PS

Maximum speed
190 mph / 305,77 km/h

0-60 mph in 5 s
0-100 mph in 10,3 s

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