Jaguar XJ-S TWR

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The racing XJ S were built and raced in 1982 ( private team TWR – Tom Walkinshaw Racing ), 1983 ( TWR with official suport from Jaguar Cars Ltd. ) and 1984 in European Touring Cars Championship.
In 1984 Tom Walkinshaw was a champion and Jaguar won at 24H Spa.

In 1985 Jaguar Rover Australia arranged to finance a three cars assault on the Bathurst 100 km touring car race which was in need of a new challenger. TWR brought three obsolescent Group A XJ-S coupes in a successful onslaught on the most important touring car race in the southern hemisphere. And result – 1st and 3rd place.

On 1st February 1987 the Group A XJ-S finished its career strongly ( 2nd position at Pukekohe ) in new Zealand.
In Czech republic you can see Major Tom’s car No. 1 at Classic Car Museum in Lany ( near Prague ).

1984 Technical Specification

Jaguar V12
Capacity: 5343cc 2xOHC
Cylinders: V12 at 60 deg, two valves per cylinder, water cooled
Power: more than 400 PS
Torque: 475 N.m at 5000 rpm

5 speed gearbox Getrag (2,33:1, 1,675:1, 1,353:1, 1,146:1, 1:1, Z 2,65:1 )

Maximum speed
more than 280 km/h

ATE or Lockheed disks with internal combinated water and air cooling, diameter 330

Front: 275/600-16″
Rear: 300/625-16″ for wet

Front: 280/640-17″
Rear: 290/650-17″ for dry
on Speedline wheels

1400 kg ( 3,5 kg/PS )

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