Jaguar XJ12C

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The racing XJ Coupes were built and raced in 1976 and 1977, just two seasons in which they at times showed their fantastic potential, but sadly never realized it by winning any event. Some say that they were not given sufficient time to prove themselves. We shall never know.
The cars, prepared to the FIA Group regulations applicable to European Touring Car Championship, were fifted with 5416 cc fuel-injected V12 engines developing more than 530 PS. Initially they used a wet sump lubrication butĀ  later changed to a dry sump system. RatherĀ  controversially, the cars were built and prepared by Broadspeed, independent of the factory.
For a while the Coupes provided a great spectacle , making what would otherwise have been a dull championship more exciting. It is said that they could not have earned just a little glory. Derek Bell, one of the regular team drivers, said, ‘ I enjoyd the cars, and they could have been very good, if they had been persereved with a little longer.’

1976 Technical Specification

Jaguar V12
Capacity: 5416cc
Cylinders: V12 at 60 deg, two valves per cylinder, water cooled
Power: more than 600 PS at 7500 rpm

4 speed gearbox

Maximum speed
more than 320 km/h


Front: 300/650-19″
Rear: 330/700-19″

1540 kg

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