Jaguar XJ13

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During the nineteen sixties Jaguar remained officially absent from motor sport, altough the Company did design and build a mid engine racer – XJ13. Changes in international racing regulations meant that the car never raced but V-12 engines instaled in the car was developed for road car use and eventually appeared in the E-type.

The bodywork was the work of aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer. Originally, it was planned as a closed GT car andwe can but conjecture that as such it would have been staggeringly good looking. Altough the XJ13 was designed during 1965, it was not completed until 1966, it was not really tested until 1967. For a varity of reasons Jaguar did not want the press to know that they had a possible Le Mans racer, and Sir William gave orders that the car was not to be circuit – tested. This eventually become too much for Norman Dewis, who discussed it with Lofty England. Lofty in turn said that if Dewis wanted to take it quietly to MIRA one Sunday he knew nozhing about it! This Dewis did, and several days later was sumoned  to Sir William’s office. The conversation, accordig to Norman, went something like this :

Sir William: ‘ I thought I gave orders that the XJ13 was not to be tested. ‘
ND: ‘ Yes you did, sir.’
Sir William: ‘ And yet you took XJ13 to MIRA.’
ND: ‘ Yes, I did sir.’
Sir William: ‘ When I give an order I expect it to be obeyed. Don’t ever disobey me again.’
ND: ‘ Yes sir.’
Sir William: ‘ Well man, how did it go ?’

During 1967, David Hobs tested the XJ13 round MIRA and set the unofficial rekord for the fastest lap at
any circuit in Britain, namely, 161,6 mph.

1966 Technical Specification

Jaguar V12
Capacity: 4991cc
Cylinders: V12 at 60 deg, two valves per cylinder, water cooled
Power: 502 PS at 7600 rpm, 550 PS at 8000 rpm

5 speed gearbox ZF


disk breaks Girling

Dunlop Racing
Front: 5,25/10.50-15″
Rear: 6/13.50-15″

Maximum speed
280-300 km/h

750 kg

450 cm

177 cm

99 cm

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