Jaguar XJR-6 TWR

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In 1985 had Jaguar plan to tackle Porsche in Group C – the World Endurance Championship sports – prototype formula, which Porsche was dominating. Tony Southgate had been commissioned to design a new Jaguar V12 – engined car, the XJR-6, and Roger Silman was to be overload of the project. The mid engined XJR-6 was first tested by Martin Brundle and Mike Thackwell in the Summer of 1985. Brundle took the car straight into lead at its Mosport debut taht August, and went on to finish 3rd in this 1000 km event, sharing the driving with Thackwell and Jean Luis Schlesser. In 1985 was car in british green livery. for the year 1986 had new Silk Cut livery.Derek Warwick just failed to beat Porsche men Derek Bell and H.J.Stuck and in the team championship won Brun Porsche. But Silk Cut Jaguar had shown taht soon it would be a force to be reckoned with.

Car were in 2 version – normal and LM ( for Le Mans race ).

1986 Technical Specification

Jaguar V12
Capacity: 5993cc 2xOHC
Cylinders: V12 at 60 deg, two valves per cylinder, water cooled
Power: 463 kW at 7000 rpm
Torque: 530 N.m at 5500 rpm

5 speed gearbox March

Maximum speed
350 km/h, 373,266 km/h ( Eddie Cheever at Le Mans 1986 )

AP disks

Dunlop Denloc
Front: 17″
Rear: 19″
on Speedline wheels

890 kg

480 cm

200 cm


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