Jaguar XJR-17 TWR

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This Jaguar is the only car built to the 3.5L naturally aspirated configuration. This unique XJR-17 started life as one of two twin-turbo 3.0 litre V6 XJR-16s in 1990/91, which competed as works entries in the IMSA series in North America in 1991/92. One XJR-16 was then converted by TWR to a 3.5 litre non turbo specification C2 Group C in Europe and for IMSA Lights in the USA in 1993. The car was tested by Win Percy in 1992 but Jaguar terminated its racing programme. The XJR-17 integrates several design features from the succesful XJR-14 Cosworth engined Jaguar designed by Ross Brawn.

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