Jaguar X-type SCV8

Jaguar X-Type

Jaguar X-type SCV8 2004
Manufacturer: Jaguar

The newly announced SCV8 Supercar Championship has quickly received very positive feedback from the automotive industry, with two major names – Jaguar and Peugeot – promptly offering support for the series. This 550 bhp saloon car category will bring a new dimension in spectator value and is set to join the British Motorsport calendar in 2004.

Jaguar and Peugeot are both perfect fits for the new race series concept. The Jaguar X-Type is a stylish, compact sports saloon. It combines a fresh performance spirit, handling agility and innovative technology with the luxury, craftsmanship and refinement for which Jaguar is renowned and will be an ideal marque for this new Championship. The Peugeot 406, similarly, is a compact sports saloon, with the style and unique design of this quintessentially French brand, which will easily translate into a sporty, saloon track racer.

Peugeot UK Head of Motorsport, Mick Linford, says of the opportunity for Peugeot to be seen in the Championship, “The SCV8 Supercar Championship brings a fresh approach to saloon car racing and is certainly a series that opens up new opportunities to manufacturers. The unique design approach also means that new models can quickly be introduced into the Championship which could add a special dimension to any manufacturers launch programmes, with the car being seen on track at the same time that it is introduced on the road.”

Jaguar also sees the SCV8 Supercar Championship as an appropriate showcase environment for the X-Type brand. “This has the makings of an exciting new saloon car series and we wish it every success,” commented Martin Runnacles, Global Marketing Director of Jaguar Cars. “Although of course Jaguar’s motorsport focus is directed at F1 and we are very encouraged by the team’s performance this year, we would be happy to see the X-Type featuring in the Series, providing it did not take any resources away from our F1 programme.”

Andy Rouse, one of the three founders of the SCV8 Supercar Championship, is pleased with the initial interest shown by Jaguar and Peugeot, and says, “It?s great to have such positive response from key manufacturers so quickly. The enthusiasm and support we?re receiving is overwhelming and we are moving rapidly towards the first race in 2004.”

The recent announcement of a new motor racing series for Britain has received the support of industry and fans alike. The series organisers are responding to enquiries from teams and manufacturers who have shown extremely positive interest in the SCV8 Supercar Championship and plans are moving forward rapidly for its introduction on to the British motorsport calendar in 2004.

Roger Etcell, one of the directors of the series, explains, “Since we announced the series a couple of weeks ago, my phone has been getting hotter and hotter with strong support from teams, drivers and other industry people. We?re getting the positive feedback that we need to turn our plans into reality and see a great grid of cars next year, which is extremely encouraging.”

A presentation introducing the SCV8 Championship to prospective teams and drivers will be held on 29th July and the recently announced SCV8 Jaguar X-type will be unveiled at this event.

The new SCV8 Supercar Championship is well advanced in its development and plans for introduction next year. The series is set to see popular manufacturer examples battle on track with the aim of bringing fans a series that features the excitement and spectacle of extremely high performance, yet easily recognisable, saloon cars for fast and furious championship racing. The big horsepower, rear wheel drive configuration of the cars guarantee crowd-pleasing action and has been designed to add more spectacle in British motor racing.

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