Trans Am Jaguar XKR 2000 Rocketsports

xkr Trans Am 2000

xkr Trans Am 2000

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Jaguar XKR
Manufacturer: Rocketsports Racing

As had been widely speculated, two-time SCCA BFGoodrich Trans-Am Series champion Paul Gentilozzi has revealed that his Rocketsports Racing team will campaign Jaguar XKRs during the 2000 season.

Gentilozzi, who won the 1999 title with a Ford Mustang and the ?98 title with a Chevrolet Corvette, hopes to be the first person to win three consecutive championships using three different marques. He currently ranks second in all-time Trans-Am top-five (72) and top-ten (97) finishes.

?The 2000 season will be a special year for Trans-Am, and the series will have some new special marques to guarantee an exciting season,? said Gentilozzi, who will again have HomeLink as the team?s sponsor.

Rocketsports is always looking for ways to be innovative and leaders in this series, and the Jaguar is a logical choice, given its history and heritage of performance. ?The Jaguar, in production form, fits perfectly into the Trans-Am series,? Gentilozzi continued. ?It?s very aerodynamic, and its smooth lines and body contours should make it one of the fastest straight-line speed cars in the series. With the change in the rules to run a wing, we won?t have to distort the body to accommodate a flat-blade spoiler.?

Gentilozzi?s new teammate, rookie Jeff Altenburg, will also campaign an XK8. A third chassis will be held in reserve as a back-up car.

Jaguar last competed in Trans-Am in 1981, and Bob Tullius drove a Group 44 XJS to the series? drivers championship in ?77 and ?78 as well as the manufacturers championship in ?78.

The 2000 Season results

Drivers’ Championship Point Standings
2 Paul Gentilozzi, Jaguar XKR
3 Jeff Altenburg, Jaguar XKR

Red Line Oil Rookie Point Standings
1 Jeff Altenburg, Jaguar XKR

Manufacturers’ Point Standings
3rd Jaguar

2000 Technical Specification

Rocketsports chrome-moly steel tubeframe
Body Carbonfibre Kevlar composite

Ford V8
Capacity: ????cc
Cylinders: single cam, overhead valve, pushrod V8
Power: 650PS at 8200 rpm

118,11 cm

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